Projects Completed in 2016


2016 has been an extremely busy year for us. We have seen growth in the software, web developing and digital marketing arena.

We have successfully completed a large project with a niche software company in Devon successfully filling over 15 placements in customer services, accounting, marketing, sales senior and executives. The feedback and success rate has been extremely good and our team exceeded client expectations. It was a real pleasure to work with this client and we hope we have developed a long lasting business relationship.

Over 2016 we have also seen sustained growth within our insurance division especially within the sales and analysis sectors. We have completed several medium to large projects in this industry with a very solid 97% success rate.

2016 has also been a strong year for our accounting and engineering divisions. Our medium and large clients have boasted continued growth and we have been boosting their engineering, finance and marketing divisions. We successfully recruited 15 senior accountancy positions and over 10 head engineering positions with a very successful 100% hit rate.

With over 30 years combined experience recruiting in Devon, concentrating on the  business growth and support sectors, we are qualified to fulfil your recruiting needs.

Please contact one of our partners Graeme or Clare Ross to discuss how we may help you find the staff that will make a difference to your business.