Average Sales Salaries in Devon

Sales and marketing has always been a strong area for Emmerson-Ross Recruitment. The key to our success is strong market research and an in-depth recruitment procedure to find out the truth in all areas. Setting the right package from the start is key to our success. We do the research to save time and to enable us to attract the very best talent for our clients.

We use the very best job-boards to base our wisdom on because we believe creating the right image for your business from the start is vital.

If you are looking to recruit or if you are a sales professional just checking this out, here is our recent findings at the end of Jan 2017.

  • Telesales Marketer – Average Devon Salary (Basic) – £16.5K
  • Sales Executive – Average Devon Salary (Basic) – £21K
  • Field Sales Executive – Average Devon Salary (Basic) – £22K
  • Sales & Development Manager – Average Devon Salary (Basic) – £34K
  • Accounts Managers – Average Devon Salary (Basic) – £26K

We hope this information was useful and if you are in a position that you may need help recruiting in this sector please give us a call. We have been recruiting in Devon for over 20 years with vast success in this industry.

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