First Day In A New Job

The first day in a new job can provide an over-whelming load of emotions and nerves. What to wear? How do I make a good impression? Am I good enough? What will my team be like?
After this little dose of wisdom hopefully you will feel better and be able to prepare better for the first day challenge.

Creating a valued first impression with your team is key. Be polite, courteous and show a keen determination to learn. Respecting your team and managers is vital as these are the key people that you will rely on to answer questions for you and who will show you the ropes. Colleague relationships are the roots to being successful in a new job. Relax take your time and do it right. 

Many new starters have a fear of new technology or doing something different. Every company has its own way of doing things. This can only be learned in time. Again relax and understand every employee there has been where you are now. Everyone has had their first day. Do not be shy in asking questions but be wise and have a note book and write down answers so you do not need to ask twice.  

The worry about what to wear can simply be relieved by asking. Never assume that you know, or never assume that you are entitled to wear what you want. Find out about the company philosophy and just blend in.  

Always do you research on travel and the parking availability. Never ever be late on your first day.  

Most importantly relax, breathe and enjoy the first fruits of your excellent interview. Be excited about the chance to demonstrate your skills but be humble about what you need to learn. Never let confidence slip into arrogance. Remember you success will come down to how you treat people.