Great managers do not judge their success by what they get from their team, they judge it by what they give their team. A team that is being empowered with knowledge and skill will automatically increase in performance and productivity.

Enhancing the team’s knowledge and skill base helps to build the platform of firm roots for success in the future. It also enables the manager to build trust in the team, clearing time for the manager to also develop personally and plan further strategies for the growth of the business.

Leading by this example will educate the team to help and support each other and to help build each other up. This in itself creates a working culture that people thrive in. Knowledge coveting will always destruct development and future growth.

Wise managers know that success is never bought or measured in monetary value. Wisdom in succeeding is understanding that a happy, growing and learning team will automatically reach and exceed targets effortlessly.

Your team will be the blueprint to your success, investing time and effort into making them the best people they can be will be overwhelmingly advantageous to customers and to the business.