Be a Great Manager | Article 1 | Patience

In twenty years of recruitment we have gained a wealth of knowledge on what makes a great manager. Over the years we have adapted questions in our interview procedure to check for these qualities and the level of the candidates understanding of them.

We have decided to share this knowledge to give our clients and candidates an in-sight into our procedures, and also to help them understand how we care about finding the right candidate.

Over the years we have looked and researched our most successful placements and with this knowledge we researched the candidates and especially their qualities.

Over the next few weeks we are going to impart these qualities, in the hope it will not only help managers but give businesses a great idea of what we look for in people.


One of the first striking qualities of a successful manager is their understanding of patience and how it really benefits their goals, their team and their ability to get things done. Patience is a quality that brings calmness and trust. The ability to be patient means that your initial development within the role will be successful. It is essential to be patient in order to get to know the business, how it works and how the team works. Being patient blocks making quick snap decisions without fully understanding the overall picture and other people’s opinions.

The ability to be patient can enable the person to really see the changes required or if any are needed at all. The use of patience can really install trust in your new boss and team that you are in it for the long haul and that you are the right person for the job.

Understanding the characteristic and skills of your team is vital. Do not let your pride tell you that you can do this quickly. Patience will be the key to you really understanding your team, what they need from you and most importantly what you can do for them and the business.

It is not good enough to be patience, you must understand the power of patience. As a leader and trainer installing the wisdom of patience as a quality in your team will lead to a team that understands the business. It will also enable your team to understand how their tasks and attitude affect the overall process. Most importantly it will enable your team to make less mistakes.

In a world were quick decisions make mistakes, be wise and employ patience for the success of the business, the success of the team and importantly your own success.

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