One of the next qualities we look for in a great manager is the person’s ability to be hopeful or full of hope.

First of all let me explain this quality and define hope and being hopeful. To hope or to be hopeful is the ability to use your mind to expect good results or good things to happen.  The major ability of having this quality means a great manager has the ability to set realistic and forward thinking targets to better the company, the team and themselves.

Let me put this into perspective. When a team is working without a vision or target the team is working blindly with no objective or more importantly going in no direction. Let me liken this to a ship setting sail from the harbour with no destination or no guidance. We all agree it is likely to get nowhere. We as humans are no different without setting goals or having guidance to achieve them we do not see success because we did not set the guidelines to enable us to see it.

A great manager will assess the business and will have the ability and imagination to employ hope. Hope is an extremely underestimated quality, hope is the very reason we have positive thinkers and negative thinkers. Hopeful managers tend to think in solutions and have the ability to help their team see solutions. Having the imagination to see solutions is what can truly make a manager successful in the workplace.

A great manager knows that they cannot be successful without the growing success of their team. The lack of hope will always block success.

From the perspective of a recruiter this can be great fun hunting for in an interview. I have developed some fantastic questions which can lead to some very revealing answers. Those will remain secrets for now. I am sure with thought you can develop your own to help seek out this quality in candidates.