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Passive Recruitment Market

Over the past two years recruitment advertising has dramatically changed. How candidates look for jobs and the way you need to attract them right is vital. The market especially in Devon has tightened for experienced and qualified candidates so more tactics are required to reach the passive market to showcase jobs.

There will always be a place for online advertising on the larger sites. However it is more important to understand what these companies do in the passive market. Some sites are acknowledging this and acting on it and others are lagging behind.

At Emmerson-Ross Recruitment we always look to stay ahead of the game. We use only use the job boards that have tapped into that lucrative passive market. Over several years we predicted this trend rising and we took it upon ourselves to develop a large local social media network which we own and manage. South Devon Jobs on Facebook and Twitter is the largest local network and it has been invaluable to us to help source passive candidates as well as those actively looking for work.

South Devon Jobs on Facebook

The passive candidate market is an expensive market to invest in. Sponsored posts on Facebook and Linkedin are not cheap but they are vital as a tool to expand the job search. Not to mention all the time and effort you need to invest to post correctly and wisely.

It is no longer possible to fill your jobs with people looking for work. It is vitally important now to tap into the market of those in employment passively on the search.

Smart concise job descriptions selling your job and selling your business are key. Here at Emmerson-Ross Recruitment we have witnessed a much greater response by getting this right the first time. We invest our time and creative skills in this market to get the best results for our clients.