Suicide Awareness

Our post today is of a different nature after recent events at my hometown Londonderry.

A young brother, son, grandson and friend of 23 saw no way out but to jump into the river Foyle.

So sad and heart breaking for everyone involved, an act that brings no chance to help but only to reflect in pain.

The water is so often seeked for as the way out and we wanted to share this powerful poem to help raise awareness and to offer words of hope to something that so many people suffer from. Please never feel alone talking can help you so more than you know right now.

The Spirit of the Sea

You come to me in pain, I can offer you nothing but a reflection.

I cannot put my arms around you and say everything will be ok.

I can show you no love nor give you any wisdom.

Why do you come to me in anguish, I am the last person who can help.

My waves move and erode, do not be mistaken they are destructive.

I will take your life and corrupt the lives of those you love.

I will end your pain, but it will grow stronger in others.

My emptiness underneath is not what you need now, you need love.

My seductive draw will answer nothing, I can bring you no hope.

My tides change and so will your perspective.

I wish I could shout out to you but I can’t.

So many come to me in times of terrible of trouble.

At night I am black there is no light shining through.

Why do you think there is any good solutions in me?

I have ended so many hearts I cannot take any more.

Please talk to some-one who can talk back.

Your heart will heal, there will be lighter days.

I have been here a long time and I have seen it all.

One day you will realise your weakness is your strength.