Our Trusted and Transparent Service

Our Transparent Service

In this season of a candidates market we have to dig deeper, harder, wiser and longer. The methods to attract great candidates has diversified and with that comes a greater cost. We like every business have to invest in the best available technology and methods.

At Emmerson-Ross Recruitment we embrace them all and put all our effort and time into attracting the very best talent in our area. We also go one-step further which truly saves your time and enables our clients to put great trust in our service. We interview and skill test all our candidates.

Here is a snapshot of what you get for your investment.

  • A unique successfully tested job description with a full holistic approach to finding the person you need and showcasing your company.
  • Exposure in the most effective job boards and unique access to our own Devon social media network we have built up over 7 years.
  • Fully vetted CV’s and professionally interviewed and skill tested candidates.
  • CV’s and candidates presented with an in-depth review and test results when requested.
  • Amazing customer service from job presentation to the successful probation period being completed.
  • A transparent and fair rebate scheme.
  • HR advice and contract creation if required.
We are not the cheapest but in this industry you will always get what you pay for. We have 20 years experience in recruitment and most importantly in Devon. You will get a dedicated consultant who will stay with you until the end of the project. Give us a call today 01803 618888.