Lets hear it for GDPR

Let’s hear it for GDPR

Over the past two months we have been perfecting systems for GDPR and our candidates and clients love it.
GDPR has enabled us to reach out to our candidates and clients and has aided us in transforming the way we communicate to our customers.

Our new registration system enables candidates to select their preferences on how they wish to be contacted and to only receive communications specific to their job interests. Each registered candidate has their own personal portal and has the ability to change their preferences at any time. The portal allows access to all the relevant new jobs in the area and gives the candidate full control of all the information we hold in a secure database. We only hold the data for one reason, to help candidates find the perfect job. Your personal data is safe with Emmerson-Ross and more importantly you are in full control and have full access to it.

We have always operated at very high standards with regards to personal data and GDPR means that it will become an industry standard. This is a great thing for candidates and should ensure that communications become much more relevant in the future.